This article assumes you know how to create a payment form in Cartfuel. If you don't know how to create a payment form please view this article.

Step 1: Add A Recurring Product To Cartfuel

  1. Add a product to your payment form by clicking the blue "Add Product Button".

  2. A popup modal will appear

  3. Click the purple "Recurring" button

Step 2: Select The Recurring Terms

  1. Select if you want to use Stripe products or not

    1. If you decide to use Stripe products then select the product and price from the dropdowns

  2. Set the terms of the recurring product if you did not select Stripe products

    1. Choose if you want the customer to be charged every month, week or day

  3. Toggle on the "Expiration" toggle

  4. Enter when you want the subscription to end

    1. Example if you want the product to cancel after 2 months you would enter 2

The subscription product will now cancel after the interval entered ends.

If you have any questions please reach out to our support at [email protected]

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