In some cases, you may want to allow your customers to view their past invoices or manage their billing information. With Cartfuel Portal you can send your customers a special access link for them to do exactly that.

Please Note: Cartfuel Portal only works with Stripe and not any other payment gateway.

Step 1: Accessing Cartfuel Portal

  1. Go to and signup for a new account by entering your name, email address, and company name. We require users to create a new account as Cartfuel Portal is different from the main Cartfuel application.

  2. You will be sent a special registration link to the email that you used to register. The email will come from a service called Magic.

  3. Click the link in the email and then confirm that the account information is correct

  4. Once you confirm the account you will be redirected to connect your Stripe account.

  5. Connect the Stripe account that you used when connecting to Cartfuel

  6. You will also need to configure your Stripe Billing Portal in Stripe

  7. From there you will get access to the Cartfuel Billing Portal

Step 2: Using The Cartfuel Portal

  1. Once you have access to the Cartfuel Billing Portal you will see all your customers from the connected Stripe account-including their Stripe customer ID, name, and Email address.

  2. If you want to view or send a specific customer's billing portal information, then you'll want to click on the green "View" button. This will open up the customer portal for that specific customer.

  3. From that link, the customer will be able to change or update their billing information

  4. Alternatively, you can send the Cartfuel Portal access link, which is located at the top of the portal dashboard - IE:

  5. You can send the access link to all your customers and they can enter the email address they used when purchasing, which will locate their Stripe customer ID.

  6. Cartfuel Portal will display the Stripe billing information for that respective customer based on the email entered.

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