To use the variant feature you first need to know how to create a product in Cartfuel. Please review this article if you need assistance: How To Create A Product In Cartfuel.

Step 1: Adding Variants To Cartfuel Payment Form

  1. When creating a product in Cartfuel toggle on the "Add Variants" selector

  2. In the grey box that appears add your variant name in the "Variant" input box

  3. Enter your variant option in the "Options" input box

  4. If you need to add another option click on the white "Add New Option" button

Step 2: Adding New Variants To Cartfuel Payment Form

  1. If you want to add a new variant to your payment form click on the purple "Add New Variant" button

Step 3: Manage Variants/ Adding Images To Your Variants

  1. To add images or unique prices to your variants click on the purple "Manage Variants" button

  2. Add a different price than the standard product price by putting the new price in the "Price" input box

  3. You can add an image to each variant as well by clicking or dropping an image into the grey "Image" box

  4. Click update once done

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