Adding team members to your Cartfuel account is easy. You can assign three different roles: Admin, Billing, and Marketing. We will explain each role below.


As an admin role, you have total control over the account including changing billing details, creating and deleting payment forms, etc.


The billing role has access only to the billing information on the account as well as the ability to connect different payment gateways. They do not have access to payment forms or other Cartfuel features.


The marketing role does not have access to billing information or the ability to connect payment gateways. They do have the ability to create new payment forms, integrate different integrations, and use all other Cartfuel features.

1. Go to Cartfuel

2. Click on Settings

Click on Settings

3. Click on Team Members

Click on Team Members

4. Click on Invite a New Team Member

Click on Invite a New Team Member

5. Click on Role you want to assign

Click on Role

6. Enter the Email address of the team member you want to invite

Click on Email

7. Click on Invite

Click on Invite

Once the team member accepts the invitation they will be able to access Cartfuel with their email address.

Don't have a Cartfuel account? Sign up for one here or log in.

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