Adding a domain to Cartfuel is simple. You will need access to your domains DNS settings which can be found where you purchased your domain.

Since we are unable to support all registrars, these general directions are intended to assist with the CNAME record creation. For the simplest, step-by-step setup, we recommend you use Cloudflare instead, including directions on connecting with your existing registrar. If you want to try and add to your existing domain, you can continue from here instead of with general instructions. It can take 24-48 hours for DNS Records to fully propagate.

Step 1: Connect Your Domain To Cartfuel

  1. Login to wherever you purchased your domain

  2. Locate the DNS settings

  3. In the DNS settings create a CNAME record

  4. In your DNS Records, you should find a "www" CNAME record pointing to your Root Domain

    1. If you are using www for your domain already, then use a subdomain

  5. In the answer, input edit the record, and enter

  6. Save your changes

  7. If unsure whether changes were made, check on your domain propagation here

  8. If it is still not propagating, please contact your Registrar's Support for assistance

Step 2: Add Your Domain To Cartfuel

  1. In Cartfuel click on "Settings" in the top-right menu navigation

  2. Click on "Domain Settings" in the left-hand menu

  3. Add your custom domain in the "Custom Domain" input box

  4. If you want to redirect the URL to a specific page enter the page in the "Root URL Redirection" input box

  5. If you want to use the subdomain for your Cartfuel payment links then turn on the toggle. This will use your custom domain for ALL payment links in your Cartfuel account.

  6. Click Save

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