Using your own SMTP can improve deliverability and increase open rates. Follow the below steps to understand how you can connect your own SMTP.

Step 1: Connect Your SMTP to Cartfuel

  1. Login to Cartfuel and click on "Settings" in the top nav menu

  2. Click on "SMTP Settings" in the left-hand menu

  3. Login to your SMTP provider (like Sparkpost or Sendgrid)

  4. Locate your Host URL and copy it

  5. Inside of the Cartfuel app enter the Host URL in the "Host" input box

  6. Locate the port number in your SMTP provider and copy it

  7. Inside the Cartfuel app enter the Port in the "Port" input box

  8. Enter your username and password of your SMTP provider in the respective boxes

  9. Set the encryption to what your SMTP provider recommends

  10. Enter your from email address in the "From Address" input box (ie: [email protected])

  11. Enter your from name in the "From Name" input box.

  12. Click Save

We recommend that you send yourself a test email to confirm that everything is set up properly. You can do so by clicking on the green "Send Test Email" button.

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