Note: If you haven't set up your first upsell, please read How Do I Set Up An Upsell?

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Step 1: Find And Enable Your Second Upsell In The Payment Form

1. Click the 'New Payment Form' link in the upper navigation to create a ‘New Payment Form’ or go to ‘Payment Forms’ and edit an existing one

2. Inside your Payment Form, go to the ‘Step 3 - Page After Purchase’

3. Toggle On the ‘Upsell Product Page?’ button and a new section for your Upsell will appear below

4. Enter into the ‘After Upsell’ tab and Toggle On ‘Add Another Upsell’ and your Second Upsell will appear

5. Edit Your Upsell Details, Style, Custom Code, and After Upsell

Note: You will only be able to edit your second upsell when you are inside the tab ‘After Upsell’ in your first upsell

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