For those of you using our Stripe integration, you've probably noticed a change in the transaction logs on your Stripe account. Stripe's new payment method - Payment Intents - is the reason why you may see "Incomplete Payments".

What was the purpose of this change?

This change has two objectives. We are required to implement 3DS payments for Stripe and other gateways under the new EU PSD2 regulation.

Using Payment Intents, Stripe will automatically determine whether a Credit Card requires 3D security and only display the 3DS challenge if necessary.

So, what's different?

Well not much, the only difference is what you will see in your logs.

Each time a customer arrives on the checkout page, Cartfuel will create a Payment Intent. Consequently, the payment will be marked as "Incomplete.".

After making a purchase, the customer will complete the payment, but having incomplete payments does not mean there is something wrong.

Customers are simply not completing the checkout process.

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