Step 1: Find The Templates Inside Your Payment Form

1. Go to the left-hand side of Cartfuel and click the ‘Product Actions’ dropdown

2. Create a ‘New Payment Form’ or go to ‘Payment Forms’ and edit an existing one

3. Click the ‘Next Step’ button until you get to ‘Step 6: Customize Templates’

Step 2: Toggle On And Customize The Templates You Want To Use

1. Toggle On to add a template to the Main Product, Upsell 1, Upsell 2, and the Thank You Page.

2. Customize your template:

Inside the Main Product, Upsell 1 and Upsell 2 you will be able to customize the Overview and the Layout. Inside the Overview, you will be able to add a Title, Description, Logo, and Checkout Image. Inside the Layout, you will be able to add a Page Title, The type of the template (Sidebar/Colorized), Primary Color, Secondary Color, USP Title, and a USP List.

Inside the Thank You Page, you will be able to add a Title, Description, Background Color, and a Page Title.

3. Save your Template

Step 3: Test Your Templates With Your Sequence Link

Note: Sequence links provide you with your own Landing Page so you can start accepting payments right away without a website.

1. Select the ‘Sequence Link’ section inside the pop-up

2. Copy and Use the link from the Sequence Link to start accepting payments

3. Click the ‘Open’ Button and test your Payment Form

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