Adding a product is simple, and in this article, we will discuss how it's done.

Are you looking for a complete guide to getting started with Cartfuel? Read it here.

Step 1: Add A New Payment Form

1. Click on the "New Payment Form" button

Step 2: Adding Product Attributes

Note: The payment gateway is selected automatically. If you haven’t connected a payment gateway yet, please see how you can do it by reading: How Do I Connect My Stripe Account?

1. Select a payment gateway. If you have Stripe and PayPal connected you can select which one you want to use.

Optional: If you have multiple Stripe accounts connected to Cartfuel you'll want to select which account you want to use with your payment form.

2. Enter a payment form name - this name will be used to identify your payment form in Cartfuel

3. Add your first product to the payment form by clicking the blue ‘Add Product’ button and a new window will pop up

4. Add the name of the product

5. Set your product price

6. Enter a statement descriptor for your product

Note: Statement descriptors explain charges or payments on bank statements.

Statement descriptor must contain:

- Only Latin characters.
- Between 5 and 22 characters.
- At least one letter (if using a prefix and a suffix, both require at least one letter).
- None of the special characters <> \ ' " *.

7. Select your billing frequency from Once or Recurring. If you select the Recurring billing frequency, edit the frequency you want to charge your customers on a Daily, Weekly, or Monthly basis.

Note: You can additional features to your products when setting them up. Toggle On and set up the following if needed:

Add Quantity Field

If you're looking to allow your customers to buy more than one product then you can add a quantity field.

Use Stock

If you are selling a product with a limited set of products, you may want to use our Stock feature. When all the allotted products are sold, Cartfuel will automatically disable the product from being purchased.

Charging Taxes?

If you're selling a product to one specific region that has one tax rate, then you can add taxes to the individual product. However, if you're looking to add multiple taxes for different states/countries then use our tax rule feature.

Make Product Uncheckable

If you have multiple products and want one of the products to be uncheckable (meaning customers can't uncheck it), you can toggle on our "Make product uncheckable feature".

Checked By Default

If you have a product that you want to start as a checked product then select "Checked by Default".

Add Product Image

Add individual images to individual products

Add variants

If you sell different variants of a product then it might be useful for you to use our variant feature

Edit product subheadline text

Edit what is said below the product name. For example our default text is "Billed Once". You can change this text to say whatever you would like.

8. Click the "Update" button when you're done

9. You can toggle on additional add-ons for your payment forms including:

Change Currency

If you want to change the currency of the payment form you can do so with the "Change Currency" toggle.

Charge Additional Fees?

If you want to charge a fee in addition to your products you can do with the "Charge Additional Fees" feature.

Add Count Down Timer

Create a virtual clock on the checkout that counts down a specific date to indicate the end of an offer.

Add Phone Number Field

Collect phone numbers on your payment form.

Use HubSpot Forms

If you have HubSpot connected then you can show your HubSpot form on a Cartfuel payment form.

Add Shipping Fields

Add individual images to individual products.

Add Coupons

Offer discounts and promotional codes

Add Order Bump

Offer additional ways to increase your sales with order bumps.

Add Donation

Let customers donate a specific amount to you or your business.

11. Click the ‘Next ’ button

Step 3: Customize Your Payment Form

Note: You can customize the Layout, Header, Placeholder, Buttons, and URL of the payment form.

1. Inside the Layout section, choose the font and the Form Style you want to use

Note: You can change your Payment from to 4 different languages including English, French, Spanish, Russian.

2. Inside the Header section, edit your Header Text, Payment Header Text, Header Text Color, Shipping Address Header Text, Coupon Link Text, and the Coupon Link Color you want to use.

3. Inside the Placeholder section, Toggle On the Split full name option if you want the customer to enter his name and the last name on separate text boxes, also you can edit the Placeholder Name, Last Name, and Email text.

4. Inside the Buttons section, edit your Button Text, Button Color, Button Text Color, and the size and radius size of the Button.

5. Inside the URL section, you can add the following if needed: Term of Service URL, Custom HEAD code, Privacy Policy URL, and Custom CSS

6. Click the ‘Next Step’ button

Step 4: Set Up Your Page After Purchase

1. Enter the ‘Page after Purchase Link’ you want to use (Where should we send customers after they buy)

Note: If you don't want to offer an upsell then enter the URL of your thank you page.

2. If needed, Toggle On the ‘Upsell Product Page?’ If you want to set up your Upsell, please read how to do it here: How Do I Set Up An Upsell?

3. Click the ‘Next Step’ button

Step 5: Add An Integration

1. If needed, Toggle On to add integrations to the Main Product, Upsell 1, and Upsell 2.

Select the integration you want to use

2. Click the ‘Next Step’ button

Step 6: Set Up Your Email After Purchase

1. If needed, Toggle On and set up the: Send Email After Purchase? / Send Email After Upsell1 Purchase? / Send Email After Upsell2 Purchase? /Send Email After Order Bump Purchase?

Step 7: Select A Layout (Optional)

If you are planning to use Cartfuel templates instead of your own hosted website, then customize your main product and upsell templates in this step. Click the purple "Edit Template" button to begin.

Add a page title, description, and some images to your template.

Select between two layouts, change the colors and add unique selling propositions.

Step 7: Copy Your Main Product Code And Upsells

To embed your payment form on your website, you'll need to first make sure your website builder allows for emeddable code. Most websites do. Once you have confirmed it, you'll want to add both code snippets to your website.

1. Save your payment form, and a window with codes will pop-up

2. The codes should be placed where you want the payment form to appear

3. For your main product code, you will find two scripts. You will want to place both scripts in the same embed element.

4. For your upsell product codes, you will find two scripts. You will want to place both scripts in the same embed element

Step 8: Use Your Own Landing Page Provided By Cartfuel (Sequence Link)

Note: Sequence links provide you with your own Landing Page so you can start accepting payments right away without a website.

1. Select the ‘Sequence Link’ section inside the pop-up

2. Copy and use the link from the Sequence Link to start accepting payments

3. Click the ‘Open’ Button and see your Payment Form

Important: If you want to know more about Cartfuel, you can also watch this video from our YouTube Channel called: Cartfuel Review - How It Works (Demo)

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