With our Kajabi integration, you will be able to seamlessly add people to your different offers in Kajabi. As soon as someone purchases you can select what offer to send that person based on the Activation Webhook URL. In this short tutorial, we will explain how it's done.

If you don't have a Kajabi account you can sign up here.

If you want to add the Kajabi integration to your payment form, please read: How To Add Integrations To Your Payment Form

Step 1: Grab The URL From Kajabi

1. Choose “Products” from your Kajabi homepage

2. Click “Offers”

3. Click the offer name under “Titles”

4. Click “More Actions”

5. Click “Webhooks”

6. Copy the “Activation URL”

Step 2: Input URL Into Cartfuel

1. Choose “External Integrations” from your Cartfuel dashboard

2. Click on the “Kajabi” icon

3. Complete the “Name” section

4. Paste the URL from Step 1

Step 3: Apply Your Kajabi Product/Course To Payment Forms On Cartfuel

1. Create a New Payment Form, or edit an existing Payment Forms, through Cartfuel

2. Choose your product/course from “Kajabi Webhook URL” dropdown menu

‎Important: If you want to know more you can also watch this video from our Youtube Channel called: How To Sell Courses On Wordpress With Kajabi | No Confusion!

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