To use this feature, you will need to have a Zapier account connected to your Cartfuel Account. If you want to know how please read: Connect Cartfuel To Hundreds Of Other Apps With Zapier.

Step 1: Create Your Google Sheet With The Information You Want To Track

1. Go to Google Sheets

2. Create a new Spreadsheet document

3. Add to the first row the values you want to track (For example, you can use: Name, Order, Order Amount, and Email Address)

Step 2: Set Up A New Zap

1. Go to the Zapier & Cartfuel Integration

2. Scroll down until you find the "Add Cartfuel purchases to Google Sheets rows"

3. Click the "Try It" button

4. Be sure that the trigger event is "Payment Event Occurred" and click continue

4. Choose the Cartfuel Account you will use and click continue

5. Set up the trigger that will be "Successful Transaction" and click continue

6. Click the "Test your trigger" button and click continue

7. Be sure that the Action Event is "Create Spreadsheet Row" and click continue

8. Select the Google Sheets Account you are going to use and click continue

9. From the Spreadsheet dropdown, select the Spreadsheet you want to use

10. From the Worksheet dropdown, select the Sheet you are going to use inside the Spreadsheet you previously selected

11. Select "Customer Name" from the Name dropdown

12. Select "Description" from the Order dropdown

13. Select "Amount" from the Order Amount dropdown

14. Select "Email" from the Email Address dropdown

15. Click continue

16. Click the "Test & Continue" button

17. Check inside the Spreadsheet that a new row with information has been added as a test

Step 3: Set Up A Formatter To Properly Display The Currency Inside The Spreadsheet

1. Inside the same Zap, click the "+" icon above the "Action" section, a new section will be added to your Zap

2. Inside the search bar, search for the "Formatter by Zapier" and click it

3. Select "Numbers" from the Action Event dropdown and click continue

4. Select "Perform Math Operation" from the Transform dropdown

5. Select "Divide" from the Operation dropdown

5. Select "Amount:100" from the Input dropdown, and a new textbox will appear below

6. Type inside the textbox the number you want to divide the number 100. For this example, we are going to type "100" and click continue

7. Click "Test and Review" and beside the Output should appear the number: 1

8. Scroll down and click the section called "Action 2. Create Spreadsheet Row in Google Sheets"

9. Select the "Set Up Action" section

10. Scroll down to "Order Amount" and change the "Amount 100" to "Numbers" and select the "Output:1"

11. Click continue and select the "Retest Action" button

12. Go back to the Spreadsheet and check that the order amount is now 1 instead of 100

13. Inside the Spreadsheet, select the column "Order Amount" and click the "$" button to display the Order Amount in USD currency

Important: You can also watch this video from our Youtube Channel called: How To Send Cartfuel Sales Data To Google Sheets

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