Cartfuel seamlessly works with Webflow so that you can take payments and offer one-click upsells. This article will help you achieve placing your payment form on your website.

This article assumes that you have created a Cartfuel account and followed all of the steps when being onboarded. If not, go to your Cartfuel account to complete those steps.

Step 1: Find Your Product Code Snippets

Before placing your payment form on your website, you will need to locate your code snippet.

1. Go to your product of choice and select code snippet

2. Copy the code snippet for your CORE product. You find two (The core product is the initial product that comes before the upsell)

3. You will find two codes: 1 code for the header and 1 code for the embed

4. Copy the first code like this:

Step 2: Placing Your Core Product Codes

1. Place the first code in the header of your site like this:

2. Copy the second code and embed it on your site like this:

Step 3: Placing Your Upsell Product Codes

Note: It is important that your upsell page is on the same URL as the core product; otherwise, there will be errors.

1. On the same URL, go to the page where you want your upsells to appear

2. Copy and place the upsell code in the header like this:

3. Copy and embed the upsell code on your site like this:

4. Hit publish

Don't have a Cartfuel account? Sign up for one here or log in.

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