If you want to add the SendFox integration to your payment form, please read: How To Add Integrations To Your Payment Form

Step 1: Find Your SendFox Access Token

1. Go to your SendFox account

2. Go to the top-right side of SendFox and click the three-line dropdown

3. Click the "Settings" button

4. Go to the left-side Select and select the "API" section

5. Select the "Create New Token" button

6. Name your New Token and hit the "Create" button

7. Expand the input text box with your new token code and select all the code

8. Copy your "Access Token" code

Step 2: Connect Your SendFox Account To Cartfuel

1. Go to your Cartfuel account

2. Go to the left-hand side of Cartfuel and click the "Settings" dropdown

3. Choose "External Integrations" from your Cartfuel dashboard

4. Click on "Connect SendFox" and a new window will pop up asking for the "Access Token"

5. Paste the "Access Token" and hit the save button

Don't have a Cartfuel account? Sign up for one here or log in.

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