There could be several reasons why your payment form is not showing up. One of the most common reasons is your website requires a different set of instructions for embedding.

This scenario is most common for sites that load ‘async’ JavaScript which basically means 1 code is loaded before another. Therefore, in order for your payment forms to appear, you will have to add the header embed code and the product embed code in the same embed element.

Step 1: Copy Your Code Snippets

Once you save your payment form go to the code snippet section located next to the preview text.

1. Copy the first code (header code) snippet and place it in the embed element on your page

2. Copy the second code (payment form code) snippet and place the code in the same embed element on your page

3. Save the page

Your payment form should appear once you save the page.

Step 2: Repeat The Same Process For Upsells

You will want to repeat the same process for your upsell pages.

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