How To Connect Hubspot To Cartfuel

With our HubSpot integration you will be able to have all the data from your customer's purchases along with their Names, emails, and phone numbers. As soon as someone purchases your product. In this short tutorial we will explain how it's done.

If you don't have a HubSpot account you can sign up here.

Step 1: Connect Your HubSpot Account To Cartfuel

1. Go to your Cartfuel account

2. Go to the left-hand side of Cartfuel and click the “Settings” dropdown

3. Choose “External Integrations” from your Cartfuel dashboard

4. Click on “Connect HubSpot” and a new window inside HubSpot will open up

5. Click your Cartfuel Account you want to use 

6. Select the “Choose Account” button

7. Select the Checkmark to allow the connection between Cartfuel and HubSpot

Step 2: Verify That Cartfuel Is Properly Connected To Your HubSpot Account

1. Go to your HubSpot account

2. Click the “Settings” icon located at the top-right of the HubSpot website

3. Go to the left-hand side and click the “Integrations” dropdown

4. Choose “Connected Apps” from your HubSpot dashboard

5. Verify that Cartfuel appears as a connected app inside your HubSpot account

Step 3: Check Your Customers Data Inside HubSpot

1. Go to your HubSpot account

2. Click the “Contacts” button located at the top-left of the HubSpot website

3. Click the Name of the customer you want to see

4. Check the complete data displayed about that customer inside HubSpot

‏‏‎Don't have a Cartfuel account? Sign up for one here or login.

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