How To Upgrade Your Account From The Free Trial

In this article, you will learn how to upgrade your Cartfuel free trial account to a lite or professional plan account.

Depending on the plan you choose, you will get access to all Cartfuel features including HubSpot CRM Extension, Unlimited Payment Forms, Multiple Products, Embed Payment Form Anywhere, Coupons, Tax Rules, Connect Multiple Payment Gateways, Download Customer Details, Customer Analytics, Unlimited One-Click Upsells, Custom CSS, Order Bumps, Sales Analytics, Zapier Integration, Countdown Timers, Webhooks, Payment Link/Pages, Payment Form Customization, Different Checkout Styles, API, No Additional Transaction Fees, Lifetime Price Lock.

Step 1: Access Your Billing

1. Sign-In into your Cartfuel account

2. Go to the left-hand side of Cartfuel and click the “Settings” dropdown

3. Choose “Billing” from your Cartfuel dashboard

4. Select the grey Upgrade Plan button

    Step 2: Select Your Plan

    Once you click the upgrade plan button you will see two options; Cartfuel Lite (Monthly) or Professional Plan (Monthly or Yearly).

    The Cartfuel Lite plan is $24/mo and the Professional Plan is $97/mo - $997/ye.

    The difference between the Lite plan and the Professional plan is the possibility to have HubSpot CRM Extension, Unlimited Payment Forms, and Unlimited One-Click Upsells with the Professional Plan. While in our Lite Plan you will not have the possibility to accept payment and send sales data into HubSpot, you will be limited only to 50 product sequences and limited only to 100 upsells. You can read more about our plans here:

    1. Select the plan type you want by clicking the monthly or yearly button

    2. Scroll down and click the “Choose Plan” button

      Step 3: Enter Your Billing

      1. After selecting your plan click the blue button that says "Add New Payment Method"

      You will then enter your:

      • Full Name
      • Billing Address
      • Country
      • State/Providence
      • City Name
      • Credit Number
      • Credit Number Expire Year

      2. Then click "Add"

      3. Finally, select the blue subscribe button to subscribe to the plan you chose

      Important: If you want to know more about Cartfuel you can also watch this video from our Youtube Channel called: Cartfuel Review - How It Works (Demo)

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