How To Upgrade My Account From A Free Account To A Paid Account

In this article, you will learn how to upgrade your Cartfuel free account to a paid account. Once you upgrade your account you will get access to all Cartfuel features including order bumps, coupons, and tax rules.

Step 1: Access Your Billing

1. To get started you will want to head to the billing section in your account. It is located on the left-hand side menu

2. Then select the green update plan button

    Step 2: Select Your Plan

    Once you click the update plan button you will see two options; monthly or yearly.

    We have two plan types: Growth or Enterprise plans.

    The growth plan is $24/mo and our Enterprise plan is $49/mo.

    The difference between the two plans is the number of product sequences you are able to use. In our growth plan have access to 50 product sequences while our Enterprise plan allows for 100. You can read more about our plans here:

    1. Select the plan you want by clicking the blue continue button

      Step 3: Enter Your Billing

      1. After selecting your plan click the blue button that says "Add New Payment Method"

      You will then enter your:

      • Full Name
      • Billing Address
      • Country
      • State
      • City Name
      • Credit Number
      • Credit Number Expire Year

      2. Then click "Add"

      3. Finally, select the green subscribe button to subscribe to the plan you chose

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