How To Use Sequence Links

In order to use this feature you will need to have a product sequence first, if you want to know how please read How To Create A Product In Cartfuel.

Note: Sequence links provide you with your own Landing Page so you can start accepting payments right away without a website.

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Step 1: Edit And Set Up Your Product Description

1. Go to the left-hand side of Cartfuel and under the Product Actions section you will see the Product Sequences button

2. Click the Product Sequences button

3. Choose the Product Sequence you want to use and click edit

4. Fill the Product Description text box (It will show only on Sequence Links)

Step 2: See And Test Your Sequence Link

1. Choose the Product Sequence you want to use and click their Sequence Link

4. A new window will pop-up with your Product Sequence ready to start accepting payments right away without a website.

3. Test It, you can click the Payment Button and see your Upsell and Thank You Page too

4. Copy and Use the link from the Sequence Link to start accepting payments

Important: You can also watch this video from our Youtube Channel called: How to create a sales funnel without a website

If you want to know more about Cartfuel you can also watch: Cartfuel Review - How It Works (Demo) 

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