How Do I Set Up An Upsell?

Before setting up your upsell make sure that you review our documentation on setting up your first product.

Step 1: Set Up Your Redirect URL

Once you have your first product you will be able to set up your upsell.

Note: Make sure that your - after purchase - URL is the URL that the upsell will be present on.

1. Once you have designated the redirect URL, toggle On the Upsell Product Page? button

Step 2: Set Up Your Upsell

1. Add your Upsell Price

2. Add your Upsell Name

3. Toggle On Charge Additional Fees? If needed

4. Toggle On Only Show The Upsell Button if needed

5. Select your billing frequency from once or recurring

6. Toggle On Charging Taxes? If needed

7. Enter your Top Header Text

8. Enter your Upsell Button Text

9. Customize your: Button Color / Button Text Color / Button Size / Button Radius Size

10. Enter your Custom CSS, if you want to know how please read How To Use Custom CSS

11. Enter your After Upsell #1 URL link (Where should we send customers after they buy)

12. Setup your No Thank You Text

13. Setup your No Thank You URL link

14. Select your Webhook if needed

15. Save your product sequence

Step 3: Get Your Upsell #1 Product Code

1. Once you have saved your product sequence a new window with codes will pop-up

2. Scroll down until you see the section called Upsell #1 Product Code 

3. For Your Upsell #1 Product Code you will find two scripts. One script should be placed in the head section of your page

4. The second script should be placed on your individual page

Important: If you want to know more about Cartfuel you can also watch this video from our Youtube Channel called: Cartfuel Review - How It Works (Demo)


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